Monday, November 18, 2002

Things I liked about 8-Mile (besides the hotness of Eminem which goes without saying):

1. That there wasn't really a love interest, just a slutty girl and a somewhat nicer girl who was hardly even in the movie. I am sick of every single movie ending with people falling in love in a magical way that has nothing to do with reality. How often do the romantic leads in a movie actually have anything in common besides that they are both attractive movie stars? I think that the Hollywood idea of romance has really messed up people's ideas about what is necessary to make love happen.

2. All that car trouble they had. You don't see that enough in the movies.

3. Detroit looks like the apocalypse. That place where they went and hung out, with the amazing arched roof and no walls...what was that, a burned-out theater? I can't believe there is really a place like that on this earth.


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