Sunday, December 08, 2002

My favorite new show on the TV is Firefly. There are so very very many reasons to enjoy this show that I hardly know where to start, but in my opinion the best thing about the show is that they curse in Chinese! I think that is even better than the way the goodguys manage to be all hot and all sort of wholesome and freshly washed all at the same time. It is even better than the fact that one of the girls is loony in the head because she was abducted by the totalitarian government of the galaxy and they did things to her. Things! Horrible things! And not only that, but she is being tracked down by an infinite number of bounty hunters with impassive faces and businesslike suits and blue blue scary blue hands.

Also, all the characters dress like Han Solo and talk like Han Solo and fly around through space making wise cracks and fixing the bits of the spaceship that fall off sometimes like Han Solo. It is like a whole show full of Han Solo, and lets face it, Han Solo was very very cool.

Last Friday on Firefly they started up with the Chinese cursing and one of the guys said "blah blah blah Woda Pigu." Woda Pigu means "my ass"! Somebody said something in Chinese and I understood it! and it was "my ass!" That is really really great.


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