Sunday, November 23, 2003

I accidentally left my husband in Spain. So now there is nothing I can do but mope around jetlagged and sad in our apartment (and sometimes in Jamie's apartment, where there is some really amazing composing going on, and also there is tea and a high tolerance for other people's sulky wives hanging around the place).

But even though he is in Spain, my husband is the best ever. Here is the love letter he wrote me today, which is so touching and beautiful that I had to share it with the world.


While walking along Carrer Arago I had a sudden thought. It was: what if Leontine was an octopus? Octopi have those very large brains, so it is possible that an octopus could be as witty and scintillating as Leontine. However, my lifestyle would probably have to change if, tomorrow, Leontine was an octopus. Here´s what I think I´d do:

* Stroke you on your large, bulbous head and stare into your googly eyes
* Move to Rockaway and build an unusual house that infiltrates sea water into channels taking up half the width of each hallway via a system of irrigation-like passages
* Order deliveries of fresh fish, snails and other small sea creatures
* Buy one of those waterproof PCs and install it in a pool in the living room
* Build you a robotic exoskeleton to allow you to walk on land!

In conclusion, after thinking about it for quite some time, I decided that yes, I would certainly love Leontine if she was an octopus. While the relationship would present some unusual challenges, I believe we could overcome them with sufficient love, effort and creativity. The only real complication would be that New York might not recognize a human-octopus marriage, but hey, we could always get married in Canada.




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