Thursday, January 30, 2003

I was reading this blog, which has a post about not caring too much about chocolate, and it started me thinking about the spectrum of snack food.

To my mind the spectrum begins with salty dry things like pretzels and chex mix (vile), and improves gradually with nuts and an assortment of baked goods like cookies and crackers. Things get much more greasy and delicious with potato chips, tortilla chips and french fries. Cheetos are an elegant segue into the World of Cheese, which then moves through some kind of dairy-kinship into the land of chocolate. After chocolate, there are a lot of wierd fruity-savory things like sugared dates and coconut, and fruitiness totally takes over when you get into hard candy and gummies. It is possible to lose all grip on reality at the totally sugary-artificial end of the spectrum where you'll find smarties and pop rocks and pixie sticks and gum.

Now go look at these paintings.


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