Monday, January 20, 2003

S. and I went to Chelsea yesterday in the freezing cold to look at art. I feel very successful, as that was one of my New Year’s Resolutions…to look at more art. We saw some really wonderful things, including a short film called Dwelling by Hiraki Sawa, which was being sold as a limited edition of 8 DVDs. The film consists of different shots of an empty apartment, with tiny little planes taking off and landing and flying through the different rooms. I don’t know if the artist intended it to be a response to September 11th, but the tiny little airplanes definitely have a whole world of overtones that they couldn’t have had before then.

I think if I keep on having a career making DVDs, I would like to collect limited edition DVD art. It is such a strange concept, and hard to get your head around the idea of something digital and infinitely reproduceable as having value. Particularly when the actual object is something as mass-market as a DVD or a CD-ROM. But obviously people had the same thoughts about conceptual art and pop art and photography, and probably even the printing press. We had a long conversation with the curator of Bitforms about the problems of selling and displaying digital art.

Other things that we saw that I liked were the snowglobes at P.P.O.W.; Edward Burtynsky’s photos of oil fields, and Judith Schaecter’s incredible stained glass windows. I hadn’t even seen her show listed – we just stumbled across it by accident and of course it was incredible.


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