Thursday, March 20, 2003

So. Um. The war started last night while we were at the Streets show in Greenpoint. Just before Mike came on, the DJ said "we just want to let everyone know that at 9:15 the US started bombing Baghdad", and then they came on and did the show and it was great and we jumped up and down a lot...what else could we do?

I am so distracted by thoughts of war. I don't know what to think about the war. So I'll write about The Streets instead and how his totally boy energetic scowling and drinking and jumping around was a good antidote to thinking about death. You know those guys you meet at parties who are so incredibly cool and mean and funny and maybe you could get them to sleep over and have really deep conversations until 4 a.m., but if you did it would just lead to so very very much wanting them to love you, but they don't and they won't and so you kind of mope around looking at them with sad sheep-face instead? Well, Mike Skinner is the pure bottled essence of that kind of guy. Plus he is a really excellent rapper. Plus we got to see his butt.

He (and his backup band and his pal who sings with him and doesn't seem to have a name) seemed quite excited to be there and they were very interactive. Here are some things they did: Poured beer into the mouths of people in the front row. Had a water fight. Picked each other up and gave each other smooches on the cheek (the cute gay couple next to us came over all hot and bothered halfway through the show and went home early. aw.) Crowd surfed. Made us chant "New York New York New York".

What I forgot to do: Buy a shirt. Dammit.


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