Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Today we are in Antwerp. The Belgian computer keyboard is all disorganised; you have to press shift to type a period for example, or a number, and it took me forever to find the "z". Now I'm typing with two fingers.

Last night, Bob took us to an Indonesian restaurant (there are many in Amsterdam and we were curious). The food comes in lots of tiny bowls, and is served on rice. In Holland, you can choose which dishes they bring you, but apparently in Indonesia they just bring out little dishes of everything they've got and bill you for whichever ones you eat. I don't know what happens to the ones you don't eat--maybe they are passed on to the next person?

Bob made us eat a bite of something that was full of chilis, and it made me cry and drink an entire large bottle of water. While I was recovering, he made me answer lots of questions about our trip. Bob is a sadist and a flirt.


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