Monday, July 07, 2003

Everyone in London seems to agree. The United States has gone batshit insane.

They say this in a sympathetic, puzzled and regretful way, as though they've noticed that your 80 year old aunt has taken to riding around town naked on a bicycle, and they think you should know, but don't want you to get all offended when they mention it. They say, "I don't know how it seems to you, being American and living there and all, maybe you have a different perspective on things, but there is a bit of a perception over there that your country has completely LOST IT'S SHIT."

Well, they're right. As always, when I leave the US, I realize that the rest of the first world is infinitely more sane and together than we are, and they put a real priority on the kinds of things that are important to me, like lots of clean public restrooms with doors that lock properly, and good transportation that comes on time with a digital sign telling you when the next train will be.

Whereas Americans are really concerned with kicking the shit out of the Arab world and orchestrating the second coming of Christ. I have a hard time relating to those kinds of goals. Might be time to move to Canada.

If you are ever in England and need an internet cafe, I would highly recommend Internet Exchange. At least, the one in Covent Garden is exquisite.


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