Saturday, August 09, 2003

I've always been sad that I was born too late for the really good fads, like flagpole sitting and telephone booth stuffing-into, so I am thrilled to the gills that this mob thing has come along. And not a moment too soon! On Thursday evening, Bee, RH, Sascha and I were in a mob in Times Square. It was quite wonderful.

There are plenty of people blogging about the mob, much much more thoroughly than I am going to. So I suggest you go to to find out more. If you look closely at the second and third photos on this site, you will once again catch a glimpse of my co-worker James (pinkish shirt and sideburns), and also his cousin (yellow shirt, baseball cap). Whoever this Laundromat guy is, he was standing right behind me.

Another good mob-blog is here. I have some very deep thoughts about the mob, but since I am writing this in an internet cafe in Philadelphia on the way to Jen's wedding, the deep thoughts are going to have to wait.


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