Thursday, March 27, 2003

I'm pretty sure now that a lot of anti-war protesters are really really concerned with showing off their protesty-ness, and really really not interested in trying to educate people and change their minds. What drove this home to me was eight women in red white and blue spandex, boas and wigs with silver accessories and silvery cardboard cruise-missiles attached to their crotch in basically a strap-on dildo type arrangement. They were doing a choreographed little dance in front of one of those high-class delis that people with day jobs generally have lunch in, and they were singing "Stop! the name of war..."

First of all, um, shouldn't it have been "Stop in the name of peace"? Secondly, it was just squirmingly embarrassing to watch them because they had that kind of self-consciously fake sexiness that is basically summed up by the fact that they were wearing garter belts and stockings over opaque tights. And thirdly, don't you think it's just a little bit offensive to respond to the painful deaths of hundreds of innocent people and thousands of ruined lives by dressing up in garishly sexual costumes and dancing?

But mostly, what the hell is the point? Do those girls think that midtown office workers who support the war are going to watch them do their little shimmy and shake their little crotch-missiles around and say "oh, you know, I thought the war was a good idea before, but now that I have seen these passionate young ladies sing and dance, my mind is changed". Really. Does that seem likely?

Oh look. They have a website.


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