Thursday, May 01, 2003

Yesterday was Koninginnedag--Translation: the Queen's birthday. Being a society based mainly around mercatilism, the Dutch celebrate Queen's Day by selling things. We walked around Vondelpark, a large park near Bob's house, where families had put sheets on the ground along all of the pathways and laid all kinds of old junk with price tags on it. Like a giant nation-wide garage sale! Some of the kids were pretty ingenious, like the boy riding a unicycle with a sign on his back saying "Rides, €1", but there was still a lot more selling than there was buying, and then it started to rain so everyone ran inside.

Later we went to a Tibetan restaurant and I finally got to try the hot tea with butter that I've been so extremely curious about for years. It basically tastes like a puddle of melted butter. Bit of a letdown.


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