Thursday, August 21, 2003

I might have linked to Book Crossing before, when I found one of their books on a table at Burritoville. Sascha and I are cleaning out our bookcases...I think we should set our books free as well.

Meanwhile, I am very annoyed that all of the wedding shops, magazines, websites, and whatnot in the world are invariably referred to as "bridal". Okay, that might be appropriate if they would ever legalize girl-on-girl marriage in this country, but I am personally getting a little annoyed. My wedding is going to have a groom in it too. That is the best part of it. So why don't they acknowledge his existence? Why do most pictures in wedding magazines feature the bride, alone, looking rapturously happy? Why aren't there more pictures of happy couples? Why don't they try selling him some crap for a change?


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