Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Everyone is ending the year by making lists of the Top Ten Films Of 2003. Well, I really don't have that kind of energy and insight this year, so instead I give you...

The Top Three Music Videos We Saw On TV When Sascha Was Home With The Flu.

3. Electric Six, Danger! High Voltage! I mean, really. Light-up boobies. And penises. Including a moose penis! But who is that frightening blond woman? And why does she sound so much like Jack White?

2. Junior Senior, Move Your Feet. I particularly like the big happy grins, and the part when Junior takes off his shirt and it gets caught on his head for a second. Watching this makes me want to make some animation, one pixel at a time. Oh yeah, and this video has a Darth Vader reference, which, as you know, makes it irresistable to me. But why is that squirrel so mean?

1. The White Stripes, The Hardest Button to Button. Meg White plays the kick-drum on the PATH train. And wags her head back and forth. With her hands on her hips. And her drumsticks in her mouth. And by the way, how funny is Jack's police photo?!

And an honorable mention to Alexis Bledel for attempting to shed her goody-two-shoes image in She's Gonna Break Soon. Oh, and the reason this sounds so much like a Green Day song is that Rob Cavallo produced it.

Happy New Year!


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