Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I Love My Office, Part 1

Sign on the 6th floor ladies room: "Due to strong odors (from recent flooding), please use the facilities on the 7th floor."

Sign on the 7th floor ladies room: "Out of order."

I Love My Office, Part 2

--Instant Messaging transcript (names have been changed to protect the innocent)--

DK says:
i nearly said "C" as in "cunt"
LG says:
DK says:
you are starting to rub off on me*
DK says:
on the phone. someone says "BBC? B as in Boy...?"
DK says:
i say "B as in boy, C as in cu- uh - cat!"

*Mom, Dad, Grandpa Elliot...if you are reading this, I have no idea why he is blaming me. I would never say this word. Especially not in public.


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