Tuesday, February 04, 2003

That's it. That's the last straw.

Dear Joan,

I found your article on John Kerry today, via a link from Salon.com, and I found it very disturbing. Your article has overtones of anti-semitism, even when you're trying to deny that it does. You say that "ethnicity is not the issue", yet you suggest that Massachusetts voters may be disturbed to find that Kerry's breeding isn't as pure as they may have thought. If, as you say, ethnicity isn't important, then why would you expect Kerry to discuss it with the public? Why would the public care?

I was also disturbed to find your article reviving the tired criticisms manufactured by the press during Al Gore's 2000 presidential bid. You say that "Kerry's confusion about his heritage mirrors a larger confusion about his essence: Who is he? What does he believe in?"

If that is your concern, and if you feel that Kerry has been unclear about his political ideals and motivations, then I think it is your responsibility as a journalist to address and prove that point, rather than manufacturing an inappropriate debate regarding his ethnic background.

Leontine Greenberg


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