Thursday, January 22, 2004

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and claustrophobic at the number of things Sascha and I own. I think it's because we've been trying to clean the house for nearly a week now, and there hasn't been much visible improvement. And we've been spending a lot of time with Jamie who owns only a stick and a bowl.

At the same time I want to buy more things. For example, I would like to have 8 sets of matching dishes to serve butternut squash soup, cornbread and spinach salad on at a small dinner party I'm hoping to have next month. And I would like to own this book, and this collection of Wallace Shawn's plays. And I want to buy sexy yet manly pyjamas for Sascha and some nice blinds for the living room window.

I recently discovered a very nice illustrated blog by someone named (I assume) Danny Gregory, which contains the following excellent and intriguing idea:

... a journal diet. Draw everything you own. Everything. Every single book, every stick of butter and shoelace. Now that would be a humbling experience. Or just draw everything you eat for a week. You'll be thinner, calmer and happier.

I don't know if I have the attention span for this little project, but I am very taken by the idea. I mean, if I can't be bothered to draw it, how much do I really need it?


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