Friday, January 16, 2004

Sascha and I are very taken by this new spammer-trend of including certain words and phrases that it is hoped will elude the spam filters on our email accounts.

For example, the email I just received from "Typhoid V. Socialistic". At first I thought that "Typhoid V. Socialistic" was a person's name. And I spent some time building up an image of Typhoid; that big, blonde, middle aged private detective with his poorly fitted suit and bad case of adult acne.

I then realized that I could be completely mistaken, and Typhoid V. Socialistic could in fact be a court case. And if it is, I'd like very much to know what it is all about.

Here are some spam-excerpts from Sascha:

"going to and fro, phantasms in a dead city, the mockery of life in a
said to her. 'this is a den of she shrank into her usual size, and
lost some of her fierce expression. footing of mere friendship. but
you know one is liable to weaken, it may"

And another one from the same people:

""friend," said muldev, "how came this youth thus to fall senseless
presently this excellent youth's father died, leaving him immense
setting out for the forest, he could not refrain from seeing the

and the best one of all:

"served his master faithfully, not sparing himself in any way. then
let us homeward wend, songs of the birds overhead. 'what material!
what colours! it is a gorgeous suit!'"


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