Monday, February 17, 2003

Here's how Television Without Pity recapped Noah's appearance on Dawson's Creek. No one I know has been in TWOP before. I think it's even cooler than being on TV.

They refer to him as "The Weasel". Awesome.

Pacey stands in front of the condoms and eyes the selection. A greasy, weaselly little K-Mart employee sidles up next to him. "Um. We're going to be closing soon?" he says. "Okay," Pacey responds. The employee doesn't leave, but just stands next to Pacey and gives him the old Hey, Someone's Getting Laid! eyebrow. Pacey reaches past him to pick up some Trojans. "Very nice," the Weasel says. Pacey just raises his brows.
And the weaselly employee finds them there the next morning, and dude, he is not happy about it at all. ""Dude! This is totally uncool," he says. Pacey wakes up and nudges Joey awake. "Like, I mean, you're allowed to, like, test things and stuff, but the manager is going to be, like, his mind? Blown," The Weasel stutters. Pacey and Joey roll out of their sleeping bag, Pacey explaining that they're just about to leave. The Weasel gives Joey The Joey Tribbiani How You Doin' Once-over. "So, is this, like, your girlfriend?" he asks. "No, we just sleep together from time to time. Do you have a problem with that?" Joey snarks. Pacey smiles as she stomps off. "Very nice," The Weasel tells him.


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